Workforce Impairment Training

Workforce Impairment Training

Join us for our new, up-to-date Workforce Impairment Training, delivered LIVE—either virtually or in person!

Who is the course for? Everyone in the workplace.

This new course answers:

  • What’s the relationship between impairment and workplace safety?
  • What factors and situations can cause impairment?
  • What are common signs and symptoms of impairment?
  • What do I do upon observing impairment in the workplace?
  • What are the impacts and costs of employees’ impairment to a company’s bottom line?
  • What resources are available to help me recognize and address impairment in my workplace?

Realistic scenarios and practice activities help participants recognize the many types of impairment—including drug or alcohol impairment, fatigue, over-the-counter medications and mental distress.

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COST: This education is grant-funded by the Texas Department of Transportation. There is NO CHARGE to participants.