Traffic Safety Huddles

Our Driving Concern created the following handouts for you to use in Safety Huddle gatherings with your team. These handouts provide talking points on a variety of traffic safety issues. They are intended to help refresh your employees on driving basics ranging from risks involved in backing up incidents to understanding how to navigate through intersections.

Safety Huddles in English

Along for the Ride

How to be a safe passenger and assert your co-pilot's rights

Angry Behind the Wheel

How to respond in potentially aggressive driving situations

Backing Over

Prevent backing-over incidents

Backing Up

Backing up is the leading cause of job-related deaths in work zones

Blood Alcohol

All about BAC and how it affects drivers' abilities

Buckling Up

Understand the consequences of not wearing a seat belt

Distracted Driving

Learn the three types of distraction behind the wheel

Distraction and Parking Lots

The consequences of parking lot distraction can be deadly

Driving in the Rain

Wet pavement contributes to nearly 1.2 million traffic crashes each year

Emergency Vehicles

Know what to do when sharing the road with emergency vehicles

Fatigued Driving

Understand the warning signs of being too tired to drive

Holiday Driving

Prepare to drive during all holiday seasons

Impaired Driving

Impairment can begin with the first drink


Driving safely through different types of intersections

Journey Management

How to manage journeys that include driving

Multi-Substance Use

Knowing the effects of drug use can help prevent incidents


How to walk or ride safely where vehicles out-power you


More than 80% of railroad-related fatalities and injuries occur at public crossings

Reckless Drivers

Tips to stay safe when encountering an aggressive driver

Road Signs

How well do you know what road sign shapes and colors signify?

Secure Your Load

Unsecured loads cause approximately 440 deaths, 10,000 injuries each year

School Zones

Everyone has a responsibility to keep children safe on their way to and from school

Signs of Impairment

Recognize the signs of impairment in the workplace


Speeding increases the likelihood of being in a crash and severity of injuries sustained in the crash

Work Zones

Be alert to changing road and traffic conditions; prepare for the unexpected