Our Driving Concern Texas Employer Traffic Safety Awards

2024 awards: Online application

Each year, Our Driving Concern honors Texas employers through a unique awards recognition program.

Traffic safety awards are presented to Texas organizations that encourage positive driver behaviors among employees on and off the job. The goal is to decrease injuries and fatalities that are a result of crashes on state roads.

Our Driving Concern is a program of the National Safety Council, funded through grants from the Texas Department of Transportation. The program’s mission is to assist employers in implementing well-developed policies and comprehensive workplace programs that can help reduce traffic crashes.

The workplace is a natural setting for distributing traffic safety messages and discussing driver behaviors — and it makes dollars and sense to do just that. Here’s why: By developing company policies, providing education and offering incentives, employers can save lives and save money.

Increasing traffic safety education is a way to demonstrate your concern for the well-being of employees and their families. You act as a role model for others and have a chance to be recognized for your efforts through the Our Driving Concern awards program:

  • Eligibility: Any Texas employer is eligible to submit an awards application. Anyone may nominate an employer. Self-nominations also are accepted. Employers may be municipal, corporate, private or not-for-profit — small or large.
  • Judging: Employers will be judged based on what they are doing in terms of education and outreach within their organization focusing on traffic safety and driver behaviors to reduce traffic crashes on and off the job, the primary cause of lost work time and employee fatalities. Each application will be reviewed individually based on its own merit.
  • Categories: There are three — exemplary award recipient, award recipient and honorable mention.
  • To apply: Fill out this online application.
  • Promotional flyer: Get answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Deadline: The deadline to apply is March 15.
  • Annual Awards Presentation: Award recipients are honored each year, typically at a Texas safety event or local gathering.
  • Best Practices: Award recipients exemplify the highest standards of achievement in the field of employee education and outreach in the area of traffic safety and driver behavior. Their programs serve as models for Texas employers to emulate in developing or reviewing their own workplace traffic safety programs.
  • Information: For more information, email [email protected]

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