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Fatal Impaired Driving Crashes

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Our Driving Concern: A Turnkey Program

Why Our Driving Concern?

Reason 1

Injuries resulting from roadway incidents involving motorized land vehicles are the leading cause of work-related deaths and the ninth leading cause of non-fatal injury involving days away from work.

Reason 2

Good drivers are good for business! Your business depends on your drivers and the decisions they make on the road every day.

Reason 3

Crashes open the door to increased costs and liability.

Reason 4

You cannot beat free, customized solutions. Our Driving Concern staff have worked with employers of all sizes across all industries.


The calculable costs of motor vehicle crashes are wage and productivity losses, medical expenses, administrative expenses, motor vehicle damage, and employers’ uninsured costs. The costs of all these items for each death (not each fatal crash) injury (not each injury crash) and per-damaged-vehicle are shown in the following table.

Average Economic Costs by Injury Severity or Crash, 2018
Death (K) $1,659,000
Disabling (A) $96,200
Evident (B) $27,800
Possible (C) $22,800
No injury observed (O) $12,200
Property damage only (cost per vehicle) $4,500

Estimates are the costs by severity of injuries as defined in sections 2.3.4 through 2.3.6 of the Manual on Classification of Motor Vehicle Traffic Accidents (7th Edition) ANSI Standard D16.1-2007.

  • Driving is risky business; more than 90% of crashes involve human error. (NSC Injury Facts)
  • Safety should lead. A comprehensive driver policy is important.

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