2023 August Safety Coach: Model These Best Practices and Plan for Labor Day Safety!

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This gold star is a symbol of the commitment to safety displayed by each of the 2023 Our Driving Concern Texas Employer Traffic Safety award winners.

Safety Coach
Shining Stars

Safety is a core value at all nine of the Texas organizations recognized through the 2023 Our Driving Concern Texas Employer Traffic Safety awards program. Each one is committed to keeping road users safe by establishing safe-driving policies and procedures, as well as investing in continuing education and training. Many use tools such as in-vehicle monitoring to collect data, generate driver scorecards and follow up with one-on-one coaching.

One driver at Pioneer Natural Resources, an Irving-based hydrocarbon exploration company operating out of the Permian Basin in West Texas, received the region’s inaugural No Need for Speed award after logging more than 600 hours behind the wheel during a six-month period without incident. In our best-practices brochure, you can learn more about what’s working for all of these standout safety organizations. For example:

  • During the 2021-2022 insurance policy year, Stewart Welding and Machine implemented telematics in its fleet vehicles. Safety leaders noted zero crash losses out of 88 vehicles and about 1.32 million miles traveled. Moderate speeding events declined by 40%, and severe speeding events declined by 85%.
  • The City of Arlington, after launching an entry-level driver training program, was able to reduce crash costs by 50% from FY21 to FY22 ($227,008 to $124,196).
  • In 2022, JR Ramon employees participated in an initiative to create safety banners. One banner was selected each month for display. The employee who submitted the winning entry received $100. This renewed emphasis on involving employees in safety helped JR Ramon reduce incident rates by 45%.

Meet the 2023 award winners. Model these best practices, and watch your own safety program go from good to great. Download and review our 2023 Best Practice Brochure.

Exemplary Award Recipients

  • City of Arlington
  • Pioneer Natural Resources
  • Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Award Recipients

  • Ace Fluid Solutions
  • City of Irving
  • City of Waco
  • JR Ramon Demolition
  • Stewart Welding and Machine, Inc.

Honorable Mention

  • City of Grand Prairie (Revenue Management Department)

Watch: This video pays tribute to all nine organizations and Bob Stewart, our first CEO of Excellence Award Winner.

“These Texas employers are showing that an investment in road safety is good for employees, communities – and good for business,” said Katie Mueller, the National Safety Council senior program manager leading the Our Driving Concern program. “They have saved money and lives through the implementation of evidence-based policies and comprehensive workplace safety programs. They are to be commended for their exceptional efforts.”

A young couple is pictured embracing as the crowd beyond them enjoys amusement park fun.

Tailgate Talk
Make Memories

As the Labor Day holiday weekend approaches, we’re teaming with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to amplify its impaired driving campaign. We’re inviting you to join in this effort to raise awareness of impairment safety risks and help keep your employees and their family members safe.

Traditionally, Labor Day weekend is a time for backyard barbecues, football tailgate parties and end-of-summer festivals.

  • The message to spread: Have fun, be safe
  • The focus: Safety for all road users, including bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Here’s why: Crashes cost money, and impaired-driving crashes tend to spike on long holiday weekends. Employers absorb the brunt of crash costs, whether they occur on or off the job, covering everything from liability exposure to payouts for medical expenses and property damage.

Last year, 28 people were killed in DUI-alcohol crashes on Texas roads during the first five days of September, including eight on Labor Day, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. Alcohol is not the only contributing factor in impaired-driving crashes.

Drugs, even many legal drugs like over-the-counter medications, can produce the same types of impairment:

  • Reduced ability to concentrate and think clearly
  • Decreased coordination and loss of sensory perception
  • Slowed reaction times

In addition, research from the National Library of Medicine has shown drivers who are mentally or physically fatigued are more likely to take risks and that drivers who are over-stressed can make poor decisions.

How can you work to create positive change? Use free resources from NHTSA to launch a safety awareness campaign on your social media accounts, or get fact sheets to build your own workplace safety talks:

Tap into our free resources, including:

Let’s work together to plan for safety during the long Labor Day weekend.