National Safety Council Honors Texas Employers with 2020 Our Driving Concern Traffic Safety Awards

One reportable crash occurs every minute on Texas roads. Thousands die every year, and tens of thousands more suffer severe injuries.

Today, the National Safety Council and representatives with the Our Driving Concern Texas Employer Traffic Safety Program are thrilled to recognize 12 traffic safety award recipients and six others who earned honorable mention for 2020.

These Texas employers are working to keep their employees and others safe on our roadways and, in turn, to reduce traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities. Since 2014, Our Driving Concern officials have presented these awards annually in conjunction with the Texas Department of Transportation.

“Working together to keep everyone safe remains a constant – even in this environment,” said Lisa Robinson, a senior program manager with the National Safety Council and the head of the Our Driving Concern program. “We all have been disheartened to learn about the surge in speeding and reckless driving incidents that have occurred during this time of crisis, both in Texas and across the nation. While our lives have changed, the rules of the road have not. Safety is non-negotiable. Leaders at these organizations understand that.”

Award recipients exemplify the highest standards of achievement in the field of employee education and outreach. Their training efforts serve as models for Texas employers to emulate in developing or reviewing their own workplace traffic safety and driver behavior programs.

This is the seventh year for employer recognition and the fourth straight year NSC and Our Driving Concern have called out traffic safety leaders in three categories. This year, four Texas employers went above and beyond to earn Exemplary distinction and eight others were designated as Award Recipients (promoting traffic safety at work and encouraging employees to take learnings home):

Exemplary Award Recipients

  • City of Arlington
  • Port of Corpus Christi Authority
  • Shell Exploration & Production Company
  • Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Award Recipients

  • City of Austin Public Works Department
  • City of Irving
  • City of Waco
  • Indeca Crude Xpress
  • Northside Independent School District
  • Pioneer Natural Resources
  • ProFrac Services
  • USIC (U.S. Infrastructure Company)

The efforts of six other Texas employers are highlighted in the Honorable Mention category.

Honorable Mention Recipients

  • Capital Metro (Austin Public Transit)
  • City of El Paso (Municipal Court)
  • City of New Braunfels
  • Faust Distributing Company
  • San Antonio Municipal Court
  • Star Shuttle & Charter

2020 Best Practice Brochure

In this best-practices brochure, we tell stories and highlight some of the items our 2020 award recipients featured in their transportation safety programs. Model these best practices and watch your own program go from good to great.

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